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Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 4 monthes now. However my feelings for him have been back and forth and I don't know if I want to stay in this relationship with him anymore. I don't know how to come to the conclusion of when or how to break up with him. However on the other hand I feel as if I think I still like my ex. But I barely talk to him. I have been struggling on what to do because my friend has been telling me to stay in this realtionship as this is the second time we have been together and if I leave I am leaving for good and not returning to him. My problem is this boy is very... VERY sensistive and he can cry within minutes of hearing bad news. This is not a bad thing just I feel very sympathetic for him all the time and if I did have to break up with him I don't know how he would handle it. I am very conflicted with my emotions for this boy and could use some advice please and thank you in advanced. <3
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Because my poll question is even I still can't figure out what to do. Would some people mind giving me some worded answers? Thank you <3


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  • I would break up with him. Also since you been with him twice and it hasn't worked about and you think you are hung up on your ex you might need take a break from dating for a bit.


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  • I meant to say talk to him about how you feel, not break up. you need to see how he feels, but I guess if you're not interested, you should break up, but don't leave him hanging.


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  • just break up.


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