He seemed interested but didn't reply to my text?

I met this guy at a summer volunteering job. We got along really well. We'd constantly talk, and he was definitely flirting at times. He'd always smile at me, called me beautiful and touched my hands a lot. There's no doubt that he either found me attractive or that he liked me, unless he was faking interest for some odd reason.

At the end, I told him to leave me his number (Should I have given him mine?) and he did so without hesitation. He even made sure I could read all the numbers correctly by saying "Those are 9s not 4s". I told him, "great, I'll text you" and he said "Sweet thanks! I'll see you later" and rubbed my shoulder.

When I get home a few hours later I text him saying "Hey this is *my name*". 24 hours later and no reply. There's no way he'd be so busy that he didn't glance at his phone for a whole day. So what happened?


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  • He is probably using a PUA trick supposedly its a trick to make women want you more by not texting them back shortly.


What Girls Said 1

  • he wants you to miss him.


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