If you found your long - time SO in the back yard at two in the morning?

... and he/she were apparently manifesting a pronounced desire to end the relationship, and get away from by way of a home-built rocket-vehicle constructed from an old refridgerator, a fifty gallon drum oh hydrazene, some old scuba gear and an old football helmet he/she found in the garage... which would you deal with first?
  • That s/he wants to end the relationship.
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  • *How* s/he is trying to end the relationship...
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  • What's hydrazene?
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  • How did s/he get 50 gallons of hydrazene?
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  • Fine! Fucking go!
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  • Other...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh dear.. did that happen to you too :O
    I'd check to make sure the hydrazine was properly sealed... cuz safety, yknow

    • Who worries about safety *before* an accident?

    • i'll be dead after the accident... so i'd miss out on that opportunity

    • Who knows, maybe just somebody else gets hurt? or nobody?

Most Helpful Guy

  • She sounds like she lost her shit and may need to be in a psych ward for a few days.


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  • Get lost and blow yourself up for all I care. I was slowly poisoning him anyway.

    • Maybe the poison got into his brain and made him go crazy?

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    • No, I never buy from Tom. Unfortunate incident in Moldova. I usually buy from the Frog.

    • O... Ya, then he's probably just a crazy asshole...

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