Advice on a girl with a bf?

I like a girl have done for ages and have subtly hinted to her in the past. she has a boyfriend and sometimes the way she talks about him hints to me that she maybe not 100% happy. i dont know. I also think she may like me and i get the feeling she wants to do stuff together and hints a lot about doing this. she can also seem down when she hints but i dont say anything. here's the thing i would love to take her out but feel its wrong to do so. if she was thinking just friends, she would just ask herself? when she does 'hint' i just stay silent because i dont really know what to say, but it changes the mood between us and i can't help but feel bad. im sure she does too. i have never met her boyfriend but i feel its wrong to do anything with her whilst she's with her boyfriend. i feel that is nothing to do with me and something i shouldn't and won't get involved in. but what do i do? like i say i want to take her out but obviously its wrong and i feel its begining to take an effect on our friendship.
any advice or help would be great.


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  • You're right not to do anything while she's with her boyfriend. Just be a friend to her now. If she's unhappy with the boyfriend and leaves him, that's when you can pursue her.


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