I'm confused and need help. What do I do?

Okay, so I have a boyfriend he can be really mean to me sometimes... The things he says make me cry. When we're fighting he tells me to grow up and things like that. Everyone tells me to leave him but we have been dating almost 8 months and this has happened more than 10 times with the mean comments 😏. Please what do I do I don't wanna leave but I can't take it no more.


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  • Okay I have the same thing accept that he's more like my bestfriend lol but he's pretty much the closest person to me even though when he gets angry he says really really mean things (grow up, stop over thinking, I feel like I'm talking to a 5 year old, I don't care, etc.) but in my case I know he doesn't mean anything he says when he is angry and he apologizes when he calms down and most guys are the same thing but in my opinion you should try for like at least one month not to fight about every little detail that is wrong and if he is mad or angry let him calm down first before talking to him about it sweet talk him out of it when he is mad basically just don't get on his nerves cause that's what I used to do without meaning to do it and he used to get mad and make me cry most of the time. (Even though mine is a friendship we both treat it like its a relationship because we are both not allowed to date lol just to clarify that)

    • It just gets a little harsh and upsets Tf outta me

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    • Sometimes. Then other times he's like well I'm just saying the truth. Which hurts even more.

    • Okay if u wanna stay with him u have to teach him to respect u because respecting u doesn't just come automatically you have to demand it

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