How do I learn to trust my boyfriend?

I've only been dating my boyfriend for a few months, but I really do love him. My problem is I still have a hard time truly trusting him -- how he feels about me, what he's doing etc. etc. I really have no reason NOT to trust him, we are very open with each other, and always talk our problems through together. My other only real issue is his relationship with an ex. She wasn't anything serious, just a fling I guess, but it's over now. She is within the same circle of friends as him and they play board games with the same friends weekly. I don't trust them around each other. I'm always worried, what if they are alone together, and something happens? I've expressed this countless times to him, and he still doesn't seem to understand how it truly upsets me. We went out last night, (She also happens to hang around the same bar as we do -- but again, same circle of friends.) and she was there and she goes out of her way to give him like a huge hug and something flirty and it pisses me off. Then she follows it up with a really dirty look to me. I really wish she would just go away. He has agreed to stop texting her, and only really talk to her at game night. I hate to admit this, but that's really not enough for me. So, either I end this or she goes. I can't have this stress anymore.


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  • Recognize that 1) your fear of him leaving you will drive him away if you keep going down this path and 2) that if he's going to do something with this ex there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it from happening, and forbidding him from seeing her will only help drive him to her if he's so inclined.


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  • Start hugging your guy friends and have them give him dirty looks while hugging and squeezing you.


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