Is ignoring someone the rudest thing you can do?

I was talking to this guy was going great he then ignored me for three days while updating all his statuses all werkend liking pictures, snapchats but not responding to the messages I sent. I didn't make a fuss I just deleted him from everything and now his after texting me saying sorry and tried to add me again.

I just don't believe people are that busy and for me that's the most disrespectful thing u can do to a person. I don't even ignore messages from people I dislike. I would never want anyone to feel that worthless.

I'm not going to have anything to do with him now but would you do the same? Is ignoring someone cruel and unnecessary.
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  • There are definitely things that are worse, but ignoring some is rude and stupid. I absolutely hate when people ignore me. Not so much with my friends because I don't expect them to reply to me straight away, but sometimes my boyfriend ignores me after fights and I hate that.

    I guess this guy simply has different standards than you. He probably didn't mean to be rude but didn't realise you'd be so upset if he didn't respond to your messages for a few days.

    • I don't mind with friends so much but someone who is supposedly interested in me. I didn't even expect an instant response but his blatantly ignoring me and I thought he was a nicer person so I'm more annoyed with myself for wasting my time.

    • At least you found out early on that he's not the kind you want to have in your life. I would definitely not accept it from a guy I'm interested in either. If it starts out like that, you already know where it's heading... .

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  • I think murder is the rudest thing a person can do.

    • I'm talking along the lines of manners and having consideration for other people.

    • Murdering people during conversation is pretty rude and inconsiderate.

  • You deserve better that is bull that he was so busy

  • Not really sure. I'm in this situation with a woman.

    • Is she ignoring you?

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    • I felt that way about him but when he done that it showed his true colours and makes me turn off them.

    • Now that I think about it. I may be at fault for what happened.

  • Ignoring someone is somewhat cruel... but you were being ignored online. Who is this guy? Do you know him in real life? Have you known him a long time? Or did you meet via dating app?

    • No we met in a bar where introduced by mutual friends. Being ignored online and in person is the same especially if he has time to update his status on Facebook every hour.

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    • It's bad manners it's that simple. If you are supposedly supposed to be interested in someone the last thing you should do is leave them hanging on purpose. He has been replying back to comments on his page so he is ignoring me. I already said I'm not going to have anything to do with him. I just wanted to know what people thought and if I'm the only one that gets annoyed.

    • why didn't you call him then? moot question though. i agree with the mho, maybe he didn't know it was such a big deal. i'm curious to what your message to him was though. like, why do you feel that it is imperative for him to reply before updating any more statuses. but we all have our reasons and i'm sorry that someone you were interested in turned out way different then what you expected. best of luck, next time.

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