How should I act around a guy that led me on?

He´s super hot. He started to pursue me, he flirted a lot, and we had great convos, started to text daily. But then i found out he has a girlfriend, but i had already developed a huge crush on him. Anyways, i started being cold to him, and i brought up his girlfriend. The thing is i run into him almost everyday at the gym, and he knows for sure that i like him a lot, and now i feel so stupid and so damn vulnerable which i hate, cause him being that good looking makes him so intimidating.
How should i act around him now?


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  • ignore him

    • thanks, as easy as that (:

Most Helpful Girl

  • Ignore him. Act like he is invisible. Smile and have have fun.

    Even at the gym.


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  • be cold to him.


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