Doesn't matter how 'good-looking' you are?

This is more of me venting out than a question.

I've been in various dating sites, all free, and even talked to new people on my social media sites.
Most of the time I get the 'you're beautiful', 'Can't believe you're single', 'gorgeous', 'stunning', 'you're so sweet'.
Maybe go on a date after. Next day, the interest starts draining and my illusions start crashing down.
They talk a big game on how they're not like other guys that if they'll have a girl like me they'll treat her right and all.
But in the end, no matter how good looking they claim I am, they end up disappearing in and out of my life. Leaving me behind with doubts and trust issues.
They never fully commit. They just talk to me when they need something from me.
Never had a long term relationship. My sister, on the other hand, has one every time. I'm jealous. I doubt if I'll ever find a guy for me. I feel I'm never good enough. I guess I'll keep waiting...


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  • Sorry to hear that. Lots of guys out there that are just looking for quick action too, so it may have nothing to do with you. They just tell you what you want to hear to increase their chances of a quick score. What age range are you looking for? I find guys in your age range are still in that college party phase where they like to bounce from one girl to the next, party and have fun with no real life responsibilities or commitments. They are not looking for and are not mature enough to have a committed relationship. Maybe try to find someone who is done school and has a career and may be more open to finding a real relationship.


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  • Is she on the same sites as you? If so maybe she i doing soemthing you are not to find guys that want relationships. Have you tried asking her about her process?

  • Hey maybe you're expecting too much too fast and are comming across as desperate. If a girl is really hot yet single most guys asume she's insane


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