Girls, between ages 16-26, does this hurt my brothers chances? Or is it a non issue?

So my brother started losing hair at 17, it was kinda like alopecia but not.. It made him mostly bald young, he opted to shave his head cue ball bald all the way to the skin... he's pretty pale but many people say he pulls it okay. But he's been very depressed saying now he won't get a decent looking girl... and I get a guy wanting a pretty girl... I couldn't date a bald guy so I get his concern about it being unattractive. So I figured I'd come here to get honest non-feel good answers, could you date a guy who was bald at 19? Fully knowing he couldn't grow hair? Be harsh... maybe I can talk him into a wig if it's really that bad
  • I could date a bald guy young, him having a skinshaven head doesn't make a guy less attractive
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  • Honestly, I couldn't see myself doing it, I don't hate it but I'd hold out for hair too
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  • It's creepy to me to see a bald guy so no way
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honestly, I'm kinda surprised by the poll results especially since I wouldn't haha


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  • If you truly like someone, that shouldn't matter. I wouldn't refuse to date a guy, because he's bald. Looks are just a perk in my opinion and shouldn't be your first concern or priority when looking for a guy to date. As long as he has a good heart and we are compatible, I would date a bald guy.

    • Still looks so matter for him as well and I get that, are you saying with looks not being first priority that bald guys can't be considered attractive looking anymore? (Or at least as much as guys with hair) to you?

    • Bald guys can be considered physically attractive, too. The first thing I think about when you say an attractive guy is not a head full of hair.

    • Hey, a guy I used to have a crush on started balding at an early age and he has a shaved head now. He still is super attractive to me

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  • I would date a bald guy.

  • i would prefer hair but it's not a dealbreaker

    • Would you feel like you were 'serrling' on someone without hair?

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    • Yes a bald guy can be physically attractive. Take Max George for example

    • That's true but he is a model type, I can see where a normal-decent guy is concerned about no hair though

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with him not having hair, his personality is all that matters looks are just a plus. Girls are gonna like him regardless.

    • Still, can he have confidence in his looks or can a bald guy not be considered physically attraxtive anymore like guys with hair? That's one of the things he worries about,

    • He should still have confidence in himself there's nothing wrong with him.

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