Why don't guys like me?

Is it cause of my body? Or my face? I mean I get nervous around a lot of people especially my family and I tend not to talk much but when I click with someone I vibe off of them and it gets easier and I actually become funny and cool. I'm a really nice person and I just don't get it.


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  • Prepare yourself for a long piece of advice! As a guy, I have been in the same boat as you for an even longer time (I'm a senior in highschool). For a while I thought something was wrong with me as well because I never got any dates or anything. I wondered if I was unattractive or too awkward or something. But then I learned from several people that I am actually considered very hot by most girls and that the reasons why it seems like I don't catch any girls attention is because I always look pissed and I appear to be cold on the outside (which I don't care about. It's fun to scare people with just your presence XD I'm more of an intimidating alpha male). I'm also completely oblivious to when girls try to flirt with me or check me out, but once I started looking, I started noticing these things. These things could be the case with you since you say you're normally nervous. I usually don't initiate contact, so if I'm friendly with someone as soon as I meet them they are lucky. If you don't initiate conversation and you are intimidating to people only the more courageous people will approach you. And I read your other comments about getting a boyfriend. After just getting out of a long 2 year relationship I can tell you that you DEFINITELY shouldn't jump into a relationship just because you want a boyfriend! DON'T DO IT! I did it with a girl that I knew liked me just because I wanted to give it a shot even though I wasn't that attracted to her. That was an obvious mistake. Don't get me wrong, we had some amazing times together and we were pretty compatible, but no matter how hard I tried to deny it or how good she treated me, she wasn't what I was looking for in a girl. So make sure you're not going out with someone just because you're desperate or lonely. After dating for 2 years you find that being single isn't that bad. You are free and not tied down or obligated to anyone.


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  • Just be yourself and the right peson will come. Maybe u are too gorgeous and they don't want to feel intimidated.

    • I've been myself for 16 years and nobody has ever liked me, held my hand, kisses me or ever joked about likin me

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  • Hard to say.
    Why do you think guys don't like you?
    I bet you put this idea in your own head.

    • Cause they always date my friends and not me. I'm a sophomore in high school and I've never had a real boyfriend and I've never had my first kiss and boys don't even glacĂ© at my twice

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    • I highly doubt it

    • Girl, you need a good dose of self-confidence.
      There's nothing wrong with you.

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  • im sure you will find some body who really like you just the way you are
    every one is beautiful in his own way


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