Should I ask her if she wants a relationship?

We have been talking for about 1 1/2- 2 weeks now. Been on 2 dates with ore scheduled. When we first met she said that she was on the site bc "it gives her an opportunity to meet more new people than she would ever get the chance to.. not to hookup... but to go on actual dates"

She has asked me questions that seem like questions she would ask a potential boyfriend. So since the beginning I've assumed that she was looking for a relationship.
im sort of questioning that bc it was never solidly established.

Did I assume correctly or should I ask her?


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  • Ask her. Before someone else asked her first. Cause then you would be like I should of asked. She might just be waiting for you to ask her that's why she asking relation questions. So I think you should ask her. Take a chance

    • How do I go about asking her though? Say something like "are you looking for a relationship"... or what should I say exactly?

      I don't wanna say "do you want to be in a relationship" bc that may come off as me asking her to be in a relationship with her at that time... if that makes sense. I don't know I'm kinda new to this help me please lol

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