Sex on the first date?

How many of you guys/girls are willing to have sex with someone on the first date?

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  • Maybe, depends on the person or how the date went
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Most Helpful Guy

  • pretty much all the guys and just a few girls

    • Thanks for your honesty. Now, I have another question for you...

      Would you lose respect for a girl who you slept with on the first date?

    • If I slept with a girl on the first date then I wouldn't consider her a relationship type girl and just the type of girl I will call when I wanna have sex

      which in some states people consider a hoe

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What Guys Said 3

  • it really depend if things went greya why not ? but I certainty wouldn't try and force the girl to do anything rate away

  • Depends on the girl. I'm deffinetly not the type of guy to bring it up on a first date, so if it was to happen the girl would need to mention it. Then honestly, I would have to think about it and it would depend on the girl. When I go out with someone, I want to get to know them as a person and find out what they're all about. Sex can come later

  • If the date goes well and you like the girl then I would say it's fine if you both want to. It has to be a two sided thing though.


What Girls Said 2

  • it really depends on how I'm feeling the date is going and how I am feeling about the guy.

    Maybe we really hit it off and he's sexy. Perhaps ill just have sex with him knowing itll be a good time, whether relationship happens or not.

  • hell no...da guy will jst xpect a booty call frm you or he will jst dump you str8 away...its makes a girl look way to easy...n dahts not a good sign