Does she really wanna be with me?

My girlfriend said she loves me but dosent want to be in a relationship. ... and recently started talkin to a guy i asked her to not talk to him she finally agreed, and said she'll giv me another try but we can't live together. ... she will see how it goes with us but were not togeather were best friends. .. so she can have her freedom to come and go without me telling her wht she can and cannot do she says im her only sex partner... what is she going thru? Im 36 she's 26 weve been togeather 5 ys and shre an 18month old child... i want my family back!


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  • She's still in her exploring young adult stage. She's 10yrs younger than you, don't expect her to want what you want. You've lived. so let her & if she wants to be with you, she will be back.

    This tends to happen when you have a partner in their twenties & a decade younger than you.


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