She said I look like a baby?

I like this girl. She called me cute when we met a few days ago for the 1st time. I thought it meant that she found me attractive. Today we met again and she said I look like a baby, innocent. :/ What does it imply? :(


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  • Do you have a baby face?

    She probably means it as a term of endearment, but I agree that I don't really care for the implications of that choice of words. I had a girl once tell me I was 'adorable' and it was s serious turn-off for me. Cute is about as saccharine as it can get before it starts feeling emasculating, IMHO.


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  • It depends on what kind of a person she is...
    If she thinks that's cute in a way where she would date you then that's some good news for you, if not... then not such good news.

    • I get that. I'm asking if she doesn't find me attractive then what do you think is her perspective of me?

    • May be that she thinks you're a nice guy, and sweet and kind. Which are all great qualities. =)
      But some girls aren't into that... if she isn't then she's not worth your time in a romantic sense.

  • That's she finds u cute it wasn't an insult don't worry


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  • She said you are innocent like a baby? That doesn't imply that you LOOK like a baby, does it? (If that's what your all stressed out about).

    She called you cute, best assume it was a compliment.


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