Why would a guy curve me all of a sudden?

During summer school this really cute guy ended up sitting across from me, daily because of group work. We would flirt daily and the teacher called us out once and his face turned all red. The flirting and small chit chat continued over 15 days and the last 4 days of summer school, we started hanging out more than just going to get a snack during break. We would go to the park with 1 more guy and just talk and chill. He would ask me to get a drink with him so I'd come with him and he would buy me one, or whatever I wanted. We would walk together to the station all 4 days, and have a 2-3 second full embrace. He started the hugging thing because the first time we hung out he hugged me unexpectedly while leaving. One of the hugs left him with a weird reaction, he put his hands through his hair and smiled to the ground and walked inside the station saying "see you tomorrow, good luck on your assignment". Over the weekend he also drunk texted me saying "your hot af" "do you give head" but Sincerely apologized for it and didn't even remember he sent that. We still hung out after that and it was normal. Then the last day of summer school, it was a weird day. He didn't ask to chill after school like he did the 4 other days, so immediately when the bell rung I decided to ask if he's going with his friend. He said yes but he's not gonna take long, so I kinda took that as a he doesn't really wanna hang out so I walk away without saying anything and when I look back he was talking enthusiastically with another girl. Over the weekend when we needed to check our marks, I texted him asking what time your supposed to go to get a conversation, and he told me and then continued saying "how did you do on your exam" instead of leaving it at "np". We had a conversation and then he said "see you Wednesday" and then later I asked what time he's planning to go, and he read the message but never responded. Did he lead me on? I really caught feelings for him over the past month.


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  • sounds like he played you.

  • Curve you? What is curve suppose to mean?

    • Distance himself I guess.

    • Curve meaning like going one direction and then going a different really suddenly which is what he did.

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