Im always the one initiating contact?

I've known this girl for a while, and occasionally i'd chat with her. And when we do chat we'd chat almost the whole day. About sometimes random stuff. From which i found that we liked the same things like sushi n cafe etc. then one random day she asked me out for some dinner after work. Which kinda surprised me becos she's not the type to be asking guys out. she's more of an introvert tbh.

Thinking the "date" was gonna be all me talking. I was surprised cos she did a lot of the talking. And found more things we liked in common and felt that we really clicked. didn't feel awkward at all considering its our first date.

Anyway after that night i noticed im the one who keeps initiating contact. I also noticed she tweets about things we had common/liked, which we found out during the date. Almost like trying to catch my attention to start a comment/convo w her haha.

So im just wondering would it be needy of me to be the one initiating?

I asked my lady friend about this and she told me how she acts around guys she liked. According to her she doesn't initiate contact w guys cos she doesn't want to seem clingy etc. and always gets excited when her crush texts first. She said guys who takes an effort is a turn on hahaha. Also guys should take a lead in a relationship anyway -_-

wondering is there any truth to my friend's statement? Should i just ignore the fact i start convos? Cos when we do chat we end up talking throughout the day. No matter how busy out schedule. I dnno i dont wanna be wasting my time w this girl. Cos a lot of signs say she likes me but her not starting is kinda confusing me


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  • Your female friend is spot on. Chats lasting the whole day? That's not a bad sign mate.

  • Your friend id 100% right!

  • She's probably just shy and unsure


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