Guys, is there a reason I'm still single?

I've never had a boyfriend before. I'm in my junior year of high school and I'm starting to feel really left out with all my friends dating. I play a very competitive sport and am very dedicated to it. My studies are important to me as well. But I like to have fun and go adventuring. I'm outdoorsy, laid back, and love to laugh. I'm not the prettiest, but I'm not ugly either. I have strong morals and plan to abstain from sex till marriage. I'm very friendly and I make friends easily I'm picky to an extent with guys. Im not desperate enough to throw myself at any guy. But I will give a guy a chance. I'm kinda short standing at 5'3" and I'm skinny but with muscle. I'm very athletic. Guys will flirt with me and then just back off after awhile? Is there a reason guy don't like me? is it my personality? Is it because they realize they can't get in my pants? I don't know what to do. I feel kinda lost and hopeless.


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  • Sounds like your a catch. Perhaps you are intimidating?

    • I don't know how I could be. I'm short with kind of a small build. Maybe because I'm kind of loud and talkative and friendly? I've been told that that scares boys away.

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    • Ohhhh that's a possibility. Thank you for your help! Do you have any tips on how to approach a guy?

    • Start out by making friends. Just talk about things you like, mabey talk about a class or ask questions. Good luck!

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  • well some guys looking for some women with feminime include me... there is have some way to change athough your body have a muscle but you can be feminime thing by your dressing style or other. you are too young i am now at 21 years old still single and never had girlfiend

    • I'm extremely girly. Just not when I'm playing my sport or working out. But I definitely dress like a girl. And squeal like one too. :3

  • Why? Are you 70 years old? I believe the word "still" only applies to people 40 years old or above. Maybe even 30 years or older. But definitely not under the age of 18.

    • Well all my friends keep telling me I'm way behind on the dating scene. And non of them can believe I haven't had my first kiss yet. so I'm starting to feel..., I dunno less than?

    • Your friends are likely the same age as you, which means they don't know much more than you do if they know more than you at all. You are NOT way behind. Don't worry about what others think about you. Don't allow others to dictate your life. You are doing that by listening to your "friends". Stop that!

  • You sound lovely ☺️
    And yeah, it's pretty normal not to have a boyfriend at our age
    Message me if you would like 😌

  • Wait a few years, you will see :p
    Your still pretty young, there's nothing wrong with not having had a boyfriend before.
    I myself haven't had a girlfriend yet aswell, so i kinda knkw how you feel ;)

  • -You won't have sex
    -You're too busy with school and athletics
    -You're picky

    • Is that really it? Sheesh. Then I don't want a boyfriend if all he cares about is whether or not I won't have sex.

    • That was only one of the three reasons I listed. The other two are barriers for guys who are looking for relationships.

  • too early to be asking this question

    • True I guess I am young. by the way I like your profile pic

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    • and yeah, you are indeed young. you'll hit your stride the closer you get to college, nothing has to happen during high school, that is completely normal.

    • Of course I love Pratt! Especially when he's Bert Macklin from the FBI :3

  • Really you sound like the type of girl I look for. But with other guys it might because you play a sport. Girls that play basketball and softball are usually stronger than guys ( I'm scared of softball players) guys hate when girls are stronger than them.

    • I'm honestly not stronger than most guys I know. I do play softball... Why do softball players scare you? We're not all crazy buff lesbians. xD

    • Then I really can't say.( I don't have a girlfriend so you probably shouldn't listen to me anyway) but seriously everyone is scared to play dodgeball if a softball player is on then opposing team. They have knocked several people at my school unconscious.

    • Holy crap what kind of softball players are at your school? Damn that's terrifying.

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