My date said he thought he'd never see me again. Why did he say that?

I went on a date with this one guy the other week. We've been on a couple of dates since then. Anyway, he's always texting me and saying how beautiful, smart etc that I am.

On our 2nd or 3rd date, he said to me that he didn't think he would see me again after our first date. When I asked him what he meant, he said "I thought you probably wouldn't want to"

He has told me over our dates that I'm too pretty for him and that he notices other guys staring at me. He also said that his sister thinks I'm way out of his league for some reason.

Why did he think I wouldn't want to see him again though after our first date?


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  • He probably has a low self esteem but , if you like him , reassure him that you are not going anywhere and make him feel good about himself.

  • Cause he thought you weren't interested

    • I guess so. Thanks for your input!

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