Should I have gotten this girl's number?

Really cute girl. On the bus I went up to her and complimented her on her scarf. We chatted, I had to get off so left. Didn't see her until months later. Today, she's on the bus so I went over to her to say Hi. We started chatting again. She was telling me how she only had to work a few days this week. She had this incredible look in her eyes, moving closer to me, right in front of me. Maybe she was just comfortable around me. She didn't keep the conversation going, but she would ask questions back to me. She said she was late to work, so she was quick to get off the train. I was headed a similar direction, she walked by me. Gave me a big smile and wished me a good day.

i felt maybe something was there, but she didn't try too hard to keep the conversation going. I gather she's a bit of an introvert. But she was standing very close to me, occasionally bumping her leg. But was in a hurry to get off the train.


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  • Ru should of she was totally into u

    • What?

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    • regret this :(

    • Ran into her today. She kept the chat going, but said she had to walk into a different direction when actually she didn't...

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