Me and my girlfriend argue from time to time but recently she has been really mad, when I talk to her she walks off, what can I do?

I had enough of the yellling so i yell back at her but now she just walks away. I went to go grab her hand not to do anything bad but to just pull her my way and tlak to her but when i did that, she got all mad and stuff. What could be bothering her? i try to talk to her and she goes in the other room.


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  • The spark is dying. Give her some time alone.


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  • First, you can't and shouldn't force anyone to talk to you. If you grab her hand, it's a form of physical abuse. It's super frustrating to want to talk to someone, reason with them and they won't hear of it. I know how that feels. The best thing you can do is wait for the other person to calm down. You can't be yelling and expect them to stick around. Be in control of your own emotions and eventually she'll have to come around. You need to communicate your feelings and be willing to adapt to hers. You're in a relationship, so that means working with the other person and their feelings. Putting them first, even if they are frustrating at times. Just be patient and while she's out of the room, regain that calm.

    • thanks, next time i won't yell back, i'll be more calm. When i grabbed her hand i didn't mean to force her or throw her or any of that stuff, i wanted to stop her from leaving the room so we can talk but i won't do it again

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