Am I being a fool?

My girlfriend and I have been together 5yrs and have a 18 month old we decided to split up but remain best friends... we still have sex and live together for the moment, I want to be with her eventually, feelings still strong hers also but she says she loves me but doesn't want to be in a relationship with me now... she wants a relationship in the future should I still... she's says she's not looking for anyone but she can't guarantee! We will be together.. but wants to have her space! Also... what's SHE going through


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  • You both have been Under this roof for years on end, @slimgood100, and with This, Under each other's thumb as well. You both are Still 'Committing' without all the Rules of a Real Relationship, but Yet... She says she loves me but doesn't want to be in a relationship with me now...
    Both of you will Never find Out What to do or Where to go or even Whom to make two birds of a feather in the future because as far as where I am sitting in my own nest, you both are still hooked at the hip and can keep an eye on the other's moves and grooves, so really what has Changed? A few mixed and minced words, no hymning nor hawing.
    Perhaps starting out Best friends with the benefits is a good Start and not making any real promises only when it is in both your hearts.
    I say, this day in age, Anything goes and flows and the bottom of line IS: You both are in the beginning beguine of Starting from Scratch, nurturing and nursing something special that just may work to your advantage and end up A... Happily ever after story book tale Of... True love at its finest.
    Good luck. xx

    • She said she can't gaurentee well be togeather but wants to... im scared she will drift away... thanks for your words they were uplifting...

    • Oh, so welcome, and of course life never has any guarantee but with her living with you as semi birds of a feather, you have abetter Chance for romance to stick together.. Keep trying and she will one day realize the grass Ain't greener anywhere else. lol:)) xxoo

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