I had a dream she winked at me?

there's this girl i liked back at my highschool and she was the shy quiet type it was cute and on the last day of school my best friend walked up to her and toldher even though i told him not too and she smiled at me and that was the last time i saw her we are supposed to be going back to school tomorrow and she will be there she's been in school with me almost my whole life elementary middle and high and in basically all of my classes and i started liking her back in middle school. she's the shy type so we talk every now an then but she most likely loves to be alone so i give her space

But back to the question i had a dream right before i woke up that i walked into class an we made eye contact she was smiling and she winked at me so i winked back and sat down in my seat and woke up shortly after is this a wake up call that i needto ask her out this year and make that dream turn into reality or was this just merely a fantasy?

Other information about her:
She's 16,
I've never really seen her with a boy so I don't know if she's into them,

she was friendly everyone when she spoke to them. I spoke to her everyday and she spoke back.

she doesn't really talk unless spoken to or if there's like a maximum of 5 people in the room she'd come out of her shell and she'd draw or something an

She's my neighbor, lives like 3 houses from me
I know her parents she knows mine we've been in school together forever
and thats about it.


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  • It doesn't mean anything. It was only a dream.


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  • Dreams are meaningless.


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