Boyfriend changed his plan to go on a date with another girl. Am I being unreasonable?

My my boyfriend of two years arranged for us to go to the snow together this Sunday to watch me race and do coupley stuff only to be informed just now that he isn't coming up because he wants to go on a date with another girl.
The biggest problem is that this girl was horrible and bullied me for several years so we obviously don't get along. They used to be friends a couple of years ago but stopped because of the bullying.

What I am trying to say is that I feel used in a sense that he was going to support me but has ditched me for a date with the person he claimed to hate for several years. It makes me very mad and he continuously attacks me saying that I am being unreasonable and shouldn't worry about it because they are just going on a date.

Is this unreasonable?
is it fair enough that I don't approve of this or am I just overreacting and being a total b*tch towards him and the situation?

He claims it is just as friends.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Are you saying "DATE" to get a reaction or is he actually going out with this girl?

    • He has attempted to go out with her before. And yes, he is going out on a legitimate date with her.

    • Then why are you with him?
      Unless you have an open relationship, that's not acceptable.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh my lord.
    No you are not being unreasonable. Your boyfriend of 2 years doesn't want to support you and instead try his chances with another girl? I would be dumping him for dating another girl.

    He doesn't deserve you. He's taking you for granted.

    • Thanks. :)

      The only thing is he days it's only as friends but I am not entirely convinced.

    • No. Dates means more than friends. He should be in the dog house for this, this is crazy. He's an absolute twat. He's angered me so much.
      Pm me hun. You deserve more xx

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What Guys Said 3

  • Wow that dude is such fucking dbag! U need to get rid of him!

  • No you're not being unreasonable. Your boyfriend is being a jerk.

  • Are you serious? Not even gunna bother answering this question.


What Girls Said 3

  • If he's going with her as freinds thats not so bad but kinda inconsiderate. I wouldn't leave thou. My boyfriend did this once but she was his best mate soo...

  • Why is your BOYFRIEND going on DATES with other girls?

  • Dump, dump, dump immediately!


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