Girls, Is it too late to fix things between me and her?

So we only talk on social media right now. She seemed interested in me but I was acting uninterested by accident. I think she picked on to me sounding uninterested so she started making huge spaces between each text and would leave at random times without saying goodbye. She never used to do that when she seemed interested. I want to talk to her again before school starts. Is there a way I can fix things? Should I say something to her? Please help!
By the way we talked a lot before but this is a recent thing.


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  • Send her the cute little messages a girl wants to feel important. So text her in the am. Tell her she was on your mind and to have a great day. Random text messages are great. Be cute in a weird way. Joke around with her. Show her your interested in her.

    • I will try my best :)

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  • You can say that your sorry. But it would be better if you call her over the phone.

    • We have never done that before so it would be weird.

    • It will work. I swear it works. Just call her and she will understand.

  • try to talk to her about it.

    • Should I just straight up ask her if I was sounding uninterested? I can't really start it out with a conversation because she will just leave again.

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