A girl said:im in love with you... But I didn't react?

So she randomly said:im in love with you. Really random... But i didn't hear it too good, but im sure it was in those lines, cause i asked my friends who was with me;he said he heard something down the same line but wasn't sure.
I don't know why she said it, but she was blushing, and did became a little closer.
I didn't want to make the situation awkward so i didn't react to it, as i werent sure aswel.
So what should i do now? Cause i know she's seeing another guy too, and admitted to my friend she had a crush on that guy aswel and is in love lmao.
So what the hell should i do, ask her if she said it lol? Go for it?


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  • I'd ask her about that other guy, cause this is confusing for you

    • well im just assuming he is "winning"... cause they went on a couple dates aswel and she said she felt like a couple with him but he wants to take it slow etc... thats why im sure he is the one in leading position.
      But it was pretty random, cause i know she has a lot of crushes perhaps im one of them (cause we have dated aswel etc...)

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    • If you like her back, you can say yes. And see how her behavior changes towards the other guys

    • I don't know seem to risky... cause i heard how she talked about the other guy
      I know and see what she feels about me, I've known long time since every signle hint is dropped. But i think:she has crushes or loves people but waits for them to make the step...
      But im pretty sure she's going to couple up with the other dude, i shouldve reacted on the spot but i was so fucking un-sure lol

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  • Tell her you love her if you really do and that should close it and give her a warm fuzzy feeling


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  • just pretend it never happened.


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