Would I be considers a nice guy?

I was brought up to respect others especially women I do things for others because I want to not like I'm trying to get brownie points or any thing I don't let people walk all over me and I don't expect any thing in returns for the things I do but yet I get labels the nice guy for not being an adshole like degrading women or refusing to help some need


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  • There's a difference between a nice guy and a pushover. A pushover is someone who will do stuff for people if they ask, without question, although you may have noble intentions others won't see it this way and will take advantage of you. A nice guy is someone who is respectful to everyone man or woman but will stand their ground and say no once in awhile and will have standards. Nice guy gets associated with pushover a lot though. Be nice but don;t be a pushover, no one will respect you for it.


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  • Hm you might be

  • that might be a pushover, not a nice guy.


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