Should I tell her how I feel?

Alright, quick background. I met this girl last summer, she visits where I live every summer. We hit it off last year, never hung out outside of work, she gave me her number before she left. She came up again this summer, we didn't get to hang out once again, but I know we had a thing, yes I actually know, I am not imagining it.

Anyways, she is leaving today and I really regret that I did not pursue her enough. I asked her to hang out twice and both times she was busy (I actually believe her, maybe I am just being naive). I am pretty sure she already knows how I feel as I have been very open giving her compliments and whatnot. Part of me thinks that she thinks I say it to every girl, which is not really the case.

The only thing I am worried about is that it might put her off if I tell her this. I won't see her for another 4 months at least. Should I leave it be? I probably sound crazy, but this is the only girl that has made me act this way and I don't want to have any regrets (Other than not pursuing her enough which is killing me already). I should have said something the last time I saw her, but I wasn't really thinking about this at the time. And of course, I am pretty shy so saying it in person is much harder.

Leave it be? Or text her and tell her whats good?


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  • Go for it ! If she says yes 4 months of pining over each other, if she says no 4 months to recover

  • This situation is kind of tricky. There are so many scenarios. She may not be interested, think your nolonger intersted (as much) or thinks ur a player (that really depends on the way in which you two have communicated), as in what u say and the "moves" you made and how she's responded.

    Anyway, it would be better for you to confess to her rather than regret it and relive the moments thinking "what if?"
    Just be carefull how u word it... might think ur playing her. Sincerity is a huge factor :)


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