Why would a guy ignore this text?

I met this guy at work a few months ago. He definitely showed interest in me. He'd talk to me, joke around and flirt with me all the time. I'm quitting (just a summer job) so I asked him for his number 2 days ago and he gave it to me without hesitation.

I texted him a few hrs later at 7pm: "Hey this is *my name*!"

his reply came the next day at 3pm: "Heyyy! Sorry for the late reply! My phone died. Hows your day going? :)"

I texted back at 9pm: "it's been pretty good. How are you? :)"

It's now 9pm the next day- 24 hrs with no reply. What do you think happened? Its kinda strange that he'd be so busy that he wouldn't check his phone/charge it for a whole day so he mustve seen the message. Which brings me to- why would he ignore it if he seemed so interested before?


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  • Don't think too deeply about it, could be a million reasons


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  • Dont over think it, see if he replys or even text him again (but dont ask him in the text why he didn't reply back to the message, let him say it for himself, dont wanna look needy)


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