Of your SO had a horrible accident that left him/her disfigured?

... if your SO had just finished doing the dishes, and his/her arm slipped into the garbage disposal, and when s/he pulled her arm out it turned s/he was living tissue over steel-alloy endorsements skeleton...

  • Well... I *did* say i fell in love with him/her for what's on the inside...
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  • Baby, we need skin...
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  • What does that even mean?
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  • So I could have been utilizing their strength/durability all along but they never told me? Rude.

    • Maybe he was embarrassed by his family?

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    • True... But that's what we do. We could have been so much more efficient.

    • That was beautiful... 😢

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What Girls Said 2

  • Well "what's on the inside counts and matters" so... bring on the terminator love.

  • Not quite sure about what you meant but about what I understand, I would keep with my SO even if he loses an arm.


What Guys Said 1

  • If my SO turned out to be a terminator id fall even more in love

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