Why would my ex ask me these personal questions?

My ex and I ended things about a year ago. However, since then we've kept in touch through text messages and facebook. He is always the one who initiates conversations with me and asks me how I'm doing etc.

I got a text from him the other day and he asked me how I was doing, then asked me if I was travelling anywhere over the summer. We texted back and forth a bit and then he asked me if I was graduating this year, to which I replied yes. He asked me what I was going to do after that (asking me if I was going a particular country). He then revealed that he might leave the country and find a job in another country, but that he was sad he was leaving because of me.

Finally, he said that he wish that he could have someone who he could share his journey with.

Why would my ex be asking me these questions about what my plans were after graduation and then telling me how sad he is that he might have to leave me?


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  • he still has feelings.


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