So I'm pretty sure I missed the first call from a guy... Should I wait for him to call me back or should I text him/the number?

So after giving my number to someone I ended up missing his first call, exactly two days after he got my number. I tend to nap after getting home from work and he works a lot as well so I kind of expected him to call back shortly after that but since its a day later I was debating wether I should text the number back or not.

Since I didn't get his number my phone only shows the number that called and not the name unless its programmed in, and like any male ever hr didn't leave a message (though I am 100% posative it was him who called).

I typically tell guys to text me before actually calling me so I can input their number but in this case I did not and I dont have the habbit of answering calls I dont know besides that...

So should I wait for him to call back or should I text the number something?


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  • Call him. He may think you gave him a fake number, or you're simply not interested in him anymore.
    Most likely he won't call again, so you better call him back.


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  • you should call him.


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