I hate romance is this a bad thing?

I'm a social guy I'm not a mean person and I love being around people I can't go very long being alone I have to do something productive. Or with friends or family. there's one thing I can't stand anout people tho besides ignorance, racism, sexism, and just being a plain asshole, I hate romance with a burning passion. Its like an evil spirit who won't leave me alone. I hate couples a lot just seeing two people holding hands just irritates me so much. Couples are so arrogant, dont care about anyone but themselves and think that because theyre dating or married they think theyre better than everyone else. And no I've never dated or had a girlfriend before because its not worth it I'd rather be happy spending time with my friends and family. Being successful in school and going to kick ass parties during break. I'd rather be out doing fun stuff instead of just holding hands with some cute girl and rubbing it in everyones face online.
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Couples are assholes


Most Helpful Girl

  • I do not consider it a bad thing. However, you sound sort of bitter about it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You sound childish, annoyed and selfish... What other people are doing with there lives should not effect you as such and only makes you look jealous...

    I said it is fine in the poll though, so long as you keep your attitude to yourself and don't mind being single.

    • I love being single

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    • It is just the way you mentioned it! if like 4-5 people read this and take it as you being jealous, than you can't simply sit back and say that wasn't your intention and we are dumb for misinterpreting... instead you should fix the language to better reflect what you feel.

    • I never said anyone was dumb but
      But I'm in no way being jealous I dont even want a girlfriend

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What Girls Said 2

  • it's fine if u aren't looking to be with anyone.
    if u wanna be in a relationship then good luck to u, because most women love romance. you'll need to find someone who hates it as much as u do.

    no one views holding hands as rubbing it in people's faces. making out in public does that. i dont c how them loving each other makes them arrogant.

    i think ur just jealous lol.

    • I dont ever want to be in a relationship whats the point of kissing someone and holding hands all day

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    • He doesn't know what he's talking about

  • Up to you dude. It may not be seen as much, but you never know it till you experience it yourself. You're 17 so it makes sense that you want to do your own thing, you are young.

    Down the road, when you have a successful career, money, family and friends, you may want someone to share some memories with.

    Be open about it, don't just shut it off completely.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think you're a lil' salty because you're single.

    • I like being single I can flirt with as many girls as I like without cheating on anyone

    • And you can't fuck nobody when you're dating thats weak😒

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