Once a player, always a player?

I'm unsure about whether I should trust a guy who I know has a reputation. We have been dating casually for a while now, and had sex multiple times, but he has expressed interest in having a serious relationship with me and putting his old ways (from before we began dating) behind him.

I am uncertain if people can really change that much and if I want to commit to him. Personally I would be okay with a casual situation just as much as a relationship, but am I foolish to have reservations? He is considerate, sweet and charming towards me, but doesn't get along with his mother, which I see as a warning sign. He is also attractive and he knows it.

Should I trust him or keep my distance?

Thank you for your help!
Guys and girls input would be appreciated :)


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  • ... We have been dating casually for a while now...
    It seems that even though your SO for the moment has been known to have a certain 'Reputation,' @littlepanda5, doesn't mean that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks of the trade and this Meaning... He is considerate, sweet and charming towards me.
    Unless he is proving to you that he is going back to his old ways, Continue down the Healthy path you are on together and Keep nursing and nurturing something special that you have Going. I believe that he is trying to changes some old ways and with you by his side, the feelings he has is Showing me that you are the juiciest apple at the top of his tree And... None can compare.
    Ignore everything and everyone until Otherwise shown something different.
    Trust him. Don't let something put a wedge in between a Beginning of a new Beginning.
    Good luck. xx

    • Sometimes guys have problems with their mom and do not want to be a mommy's boy. xx

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  • a player never changes UNTIL he really wants to change

    it is their game. you can not win, you may get hurt , be careful

  • How old is this guy please?

    • 20, we're the same age

    • I think given that you are both still very young that you should go with your gut on this one. I am not sure what he is ready to change at the age of 20 but if you watch his actions and they all seem to be about you then go for it. It's all about his actions and not really what he says. He needs to prove that he wants to change and be a bit more settled relationship-wise. Just watch his actions. Is he all over you but still talking to girls on social media? Is he flirty with girls when you are out together? How many phones does he have? Is he just telling you what you want to hear?

  • Not necessarily. A guy will give up one night stands... for a girl he can't stand one night without

    When you start to question if you can trust someone... it's then that you already know you don't.

    People can lie, deceive and manipulate, but your intuition will tell you who to trust. It is like an inner GPS. It guides to make a right decision... when you ignore it... that's when you make wrong choices 💛😊

  • Keep your distance


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