I met a really nice girl and later came to know that she has a boyfriend. I really like her and she gave me few mixed signals. What should I do?

This girl i met was in my college. For 1st few days she stared at me and sometime it seemed like she was thinking of something while looking at my eyes. When i caught her staring at me she didn't bother and kept staring for 2 or 3 seconds but never smiled. We had a few small time converations. She rarely speaks with other boys including me, except one who is her old friend. Some times she stood very close to me and even got into my personal space, which i've never seen her doing with others infront of me. Suddenly, she started to look good, dress nice etc. One day i texted her and she replied after 24 hours. Then two days we texted for few times but on the third day she stopped giving reply. Now she is avoiding me. She don't even look at my face when we talk but i've seen her checking me out from the corner of her eyes. She is acting like i don't even exist. So, should i talk to her and say about my feelings? or is it too late?


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  • She has a boyfriend. So just leave it, she loves him. She has a boyfriend you said... So yes it's too late

    • It's not too late to let her know how you feel.
      But if you expect her to love you back, then it's too late

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  • She has a boyfriend right? No fly zone man. You wanna keep tabs on things fine, but you keep it purely platonic.


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