Guys, do you like it when the girl comes to you to break the ice?

My situation:
There's this guy that I know but I've never actually talked to him.
He knows I really like him and I'm sure he likes me back (not 100% positive).
He's known this for about 6 months and we haven't yet to talk.
Should I be the brave one to break the ice?
by the way, I think he's shy or at least around me. I catch him staring at me every now and then.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I do think you should, but take it slow.
    If he's really that shy you might scare him off :p
    I myself had a looong period like that, where i was too shy to break the ice.
    And if he doesn't like you, you could still stay friends ^^ maybe hell go to like ya.

    by the way not confronting has the possibility nothing will EVER happen. That happened with me, i was basicly that shy guy for 2 years and then my mind just suddenly lost interest. EXTREMELY weird to experience but im just sayin GO FOR IT GURL!


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  • Because i'm rather shy and wouldn't dare to take the first step most of the times, i would love it when the girl takes the first step. Makes things so much easier :o

  • Yeah it's nice. He will take it from there if you take the first step.


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