How do you kiss someone?

I'm pretty sure the title is self explanatory


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  • go for it! not to fast but not extremely slow, close your eyes, pucker your lips a little bit, an touch his/her lips an for a little extra maybe give a quick little nible on there bottom lip. but most importantly where chapstick! an make sure your lips are soft nobody wants chapped crunchy lips! i hope you really like him/her an you guys work out. have fun!😊


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  • Step 1: Find an appropriate partner
    Step 2: Put your lips on their lips

    Congratulations. You have kissed someone.

  • Kissing someone is like one thing you cannot explain, it comes naturally.. The first time is always the most nerve racking and messiest. You just go slow and if the person you're kissing has kissed someone before just let them lead! Good luck hope I helped


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