How soon is too soon?

I met a guy at a party and we spent most of it together and i also stayed at his after. We didn't have sex but we did muck around a little. We would have but didn't have protection ha.

I really like him and kind of just want to be blunt and tell him but i was wondering if i should just tell him even though we've only just met? or should i wait a little longer, like try and see him more before i attempt to say anything?

I probably seem stupid because we met at a party but i felt like we had a lot in common and just got on soo well and we mostly just cuddled eachother.

He asked for my number before i left him and we've texted a couple times since, so yeah.


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  • Sounds like he is interested. Maybe you can tell him that you want something serious down the road with him, but want to spend most of the time getting to know each other first.


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  • There's this bizarre assumption that sex soon after meeting is somehow bad or wrong. Those people are judgmental idiots who know nothing except their own self righteousness and stupid baseless morality. Safe sex with condoms is fun, healthy, and a great way to get some exercise while developing your sexuality so that when you find that spexial person you're skilled in bed.

    Anyone who says wait is retarded.

    • Fair enough but sex isn't the issue. I was wanting to know if a girl told you straight up after meeting her once that she liked you, would that be okay? or should she wait until she has spent more time with the guy?

    • That would be incredible and would make my month. No girl has ever told me that she likes me so it would truly be an awesome day. I think every guy would like that especially if they were into the girl. But for me girls pretty much aren't into me so if some girl had the confidence to come up to me and tell me she liked me I would be soooh attracted to hwr. I dream of women who come up to me and express interest and flirt. I mean so often I have expressed my interest in a girl only to be rejected, ignored, or humiliated so my confidence has taken a lot of flak. So it would be a complete paradigm reversal if a girl expressed interest in me. I wit for the day this happens so I have a chance of getting a girlfriend. The point is definitely go for it and say you like him.

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