Why is he distant? can I fix it?

I've been dating a guy for three months, we get on so well. I told him on our last date, 'i like you because you are different to other guys i've dated... you are easy to talk to and attractive...' then i said 'i never dated anyone for so long,' he said why, i said 'because i usually break up with them.' He didn't seem to mind, laughed. he's had girlfriends before.

then I asked him 'what are we doing' and said 'is it cool if we don't date other people?' he said yes but was weird about it, seemed reluctant... normal for a guy though.

hen we had a nice end to our date, kissed for a long time and he texted romantic things until i fell asleep.

he texts me every day usually, without ever missing a day. suddenly no texts for three days! we are meeting this weekend, or at least we were going to... now i'm not so sure. what happened? was I too forward? is there something i can do to fix it?


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  • try giving him some space.


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