How can I tell him I'm not interested, without hurting his feelings?

He's already asked me 3 times, first time I had a boyfriend, 2nd I said I was busy, 3rd i told I'm not looking for a relationship right now. Now he's saying he'll wait until I'm ready, and I had nothing to reply to him with. He's not a bad guy, we sit and talk together as we share a lot of classes, so I can't just tell him to leave me alone.
He's not my type for a number of reasons (childish attitude, differerent sense of humour, always needs reassurance...), but I do consider him a friend.


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  • Maybe just say "You're a nice person, but you're just not my type." - or something like that.
    "I enjoy being your friend, but I don't feel the chemistry you do. You probably felt it too so why don't we agree on being just friends?"

    Something like that.


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