Failed kiss attempt?

It just happens that two days before I dated a guy I really like and we had a great time. We talked a lot and I learnt more about him. I have to admitt that he is possibly the most interesting guy I've ever met and that i was quite nervous even though I'm really comfortable with him. When we were on the verge of saying goodbye we hugged and then we stared into each others eyes. He's way taller than me so maybe that is the reason I didn't notice he was trying to kiss me when he was approaching another time and I thought it was a hug. I couldnt think very clear in that moment because I was really nervous and I have barely experience when it comes to kisses. He could be the first guy who corresponds my feelings and I just keep thining i've messed things up due to my stupidity. Afterwards I wrote him and told him I had a great time and he answered back saying he was looking forward to meet another time. Now I dont know if I have to ask him to date or he will do it. We know each other for a while but this could be considered as fist date because the other date we had wasn't really planed it just happened somehow after we made an exam together.
Something to mention is that there is an age difference between us but smehow I feel it kinda disappears wen we're together. he's travelling this weekend but he wil come back by Monday. I just told him to have a good time and that we would meet then afterwards. He kept talking about the destination of his voyage but didn' mention nothing about what I said (even though it was his idea to meet another time). Well basically thats it. I dont want to write him too much because maybe he could think Im desperate or sth like that. I just keep thinking about that last moment in our date and I can't take it off my thoughts. I wish I wouldn't have been that nervous.


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  • its okay he probably doesn't think anything of it.


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