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Hello, I've been in a rough spot for awhile now. I met the guy of my dreams in 7th grade, it wasn't until HS that he showed interest in me. When he did we began flirting, texting, going on dates & always had the best kisses. It sounds corny but I seriously crave his lips. His touch. But we never took pictures together, never met each other's friends, our families know about each other & how we feel about each other & we both get teased about it but they're really tired of us just being this weird thing. He's hardworking, smart, funny, BEAUTIFUL. It hurts. For a while I just figured it was infatuation but over the last year & a half I felt something I never felt in the 7 years I have known him. I really do love him but after a while it was filled with lame excuses & just bullshit but he says he loves me, he's scared of long-term commitment, because he doesn't know where he'll be in the long-term and he's never had real love blah blah blah. I don't know what to do. I'm so ready to move on. He says he wants to move in together, have kids & how "soon" he'll show me how much he loves me but I just can't hold on anymore but I don't want to move on if he really is my soulmate. I do everything for him, anything. I care about i'm so much and he says that he cares about me too. He asks me to meet for lunch but ALWAYS cancel any plans made after 5PM. Also, we've never have had sex before & he always tells me how I'm the most beautiful girl he has ever seen & he tries to imitate me in the girls he dates.(2) They have had the same hair color, tattoos, same "type" as me. But when we do stay the night we can lay for hours & talk, watch movies & it feels so normal. So warm. So comfortable. I've never felt like this over anyone. He makes me seem & feel like I'm just so amazing. When I asked why he only had two short relationships in the last 7 years & his response "I've never met anyone like you." He talks about how much we deserve each other & He acts so protective over me but yet hurts me. I'm so messed up, someone please help me. 😭


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  • it hoestly sounds like he's playing you.


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