Let her go or tell her how I feel?

I'll try to make this short. Basically, huge crush on this girl, she had a crush on me and I think I blew it by not moving fast enough/pursuing her enough despite the fact I asked her to hang out twice and she gave me an excuse both times.

Anyways, I think I've kind of sent signals thay I'm no longer interested even though I most definitely am. One more thing, I only see her in summer/winter so I won't see her for another 4 months.

Should I just let it be or text her and tell her how I feel about her? Only reason I'm hesitant to text is because it doesn't seem as sincere as if I said it in person. And I don't want to look like a bitch


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  • You need to tell her how you feel & if it's not the EXACT response you want or it doesn't feel right then leave her alone. You obviously can find someone who appreciates a man that puts in effort.


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  • Go face to face. She won't believe texts (and might not be ready for such surprise) because she pretty much believed that you are apathetic towards her. And please do because you already have "no", try to make it a "yes" :)

    Good Luck!

    • She left today so face to face isn't an option, which I immediately regretted ofc

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    • Haha I don't even know what to say

    • I suck at such things too. I can feel ya :D

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  • just let her go.


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  • If you don't tell her how you feel, you will probably regret it later. The worse that can happen is that she says "no," which is no worse than the position you are in now. However, you may have already been friend zoned, so don't be overly optimistic.


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