How would you feel if the guy you're dating confessed to having a crush on some other girl?

While having drinks he confessed to having a crush on some girl from work, but also confessed to having a crush on me and not really being over it. He told me that he felt the other girl was out of his league while he was afraid to go for it with me. We all have different crushes on different people so I guess is not a big deal, but I can't help but to feel a little jealous. Would it bother you? would you feel insecure or a certain way about it? I'm not the one to feel insecure in a relationship, especially since most of the guys I've dated made me feel like I was the only one. I mean he's been really sweet and amazing after he confessed his crush to me which led to us kissing. He even called his best friend that day and told her about us and how all his "old" feelings for me came back after we kissed. He blushed when he was recalling the night when we first kissed and remembered every single detail. I mean i won't really put any importance to him having a crush on some other girl as long as it doesn't progress to nothing else but how would you feel? have you been in a similar situation?


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  • I don't understand why he would think it was okay to tell you. Most girls would be hurt. If he doesn't intend to pursue anything with the girl, what is the point in telling you?

    • Maybe it was the situation to start with. We asked each other who would we date from work and he talked about the crush he had on this other girl. Then, he started to talk about how he had/ has a crush on me and how nervous I make him. I'm pretty sure neither of us thought that we were going to end up kissing at the end or even realize we had a thing for each other. But to be honest, it's hard to know how to move forward with this situation knowing he could potentially still have a crush on the other girl.

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    • You need to leave this alone and let it die. As he develops feelings for you, this crush thing will become insignificant. . . unless you make it a big deal.

    • You're right. Thank you!!

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  • Personally, I would immediately stop whatever was going on between he and I. The situation sounds like a potential long term mess and it doesn't help that this other female he has a crush on works with him meaning they will constantly be spending time together. It's not really about feeling jealous or insecure for me but more about being at a point in my life where I avoid unnecessary drama. Guys who come with dramatic ass situations turn me off instantly. I find it to be a chore to deal with so I'll avoid it in order to preserve peace in my future. Realistically, there's a chance that they could end up fuqing each other in the future depending on how she feels :/ So yeah, if a guy told me that, I'd stop talking to him.

    No, I have never been in that situation.

    • I've been thinking a lot about it and it scares me to think that i'm really starting to like him given the situation. I'm trying to reverse the roles and think of the times I had a crush on more than one person at the same time and whether or not that affected my relationship who my significant other. I mean do you think it would be a bad idea to bring it up before I move forward with anything or is it best to truly stop everything even though I'm really starting to like him?

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    • So ya see, it really is best for you to walk away and not allow your feelings for him to grow. Yes, it sucks but it's a choice that will protect you in the future as opposed to being devastated if you get cheated on, left for her, or find out they hung out or something. Situations which are all very real possibilities. Sometimes doing what's good for you isn't what you want to do. :/ Please listen to me... my recommendation guarantees a lack of heartache from this situation.

    • It's very important for young women to firmly set and follow nonnegotiable NON-NEGOTIABLE STANDARDS when it comes to their dating life. Not getting involved with a man who's heart is elsewhere is a wise one.

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  • i would feel bad about it.

    • I do. At the same time I'm trying to think about the crushes I've had in my lifetime and how easily they fade away when the other person doesn't seem interested. I don't know.

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