I like 2 girls at once, need help?

So there's two girls that I currently have my eye on, I met them both at the gym, but they don't know each othe at least I don't think so. They both smile at me when I look at them, they go out of there way to come say hello to me and chat with me for a little bit, I wanna ask one out but I'm caught up on which one I should ask? Is there I way I can date them both without each one finding out?
That way I can decide who I wanna keep seeing and just keep the other as a friend or backup


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  • The one you like more than the other. And no, I wouldn't suggest you to date both of them. That would be stupid.


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  • New girl S03E01

    Don't do that.

  • You should'nt do that you're 23 get settled.

    • I'm trying to but I just wanna date both so I can make a better choice of who to keep dating, I don't wanna look back and say "what if"

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