Guys, why he didn't answer me?

he asked me to send him photos of my house to make sure i am at home, i send and he didn't answer anything...
just silent... i see him online, but he dont write anything


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  • I don't know how long ago you send those photos, just give it some rest ask later why he didn't talk to you.

    • but whats ur thoughts, why he didn't answer?

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    • i know him for a long time to know he will not do anything with it and he is rich and educated (cambridge) and work on good jobs, so thats stupid to think he might steal somthing, so, lets put down this case

    • Hahaha, i ofc didn't know that.
      In that case all that stuff i said indeed doesn't matter.
      Still though i honestly can't think of any reason why he would ask for those pictures and then not reply...

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