Is she ghosting/slow fading me out?

I have been dating this girl for about a month now, everything seems to be going great. We had instant chemistry and have seen each other multiple times a week since meeting.

Last week she stayed at my place Thursday and Saturday night. Saturday we had gone to a concert together, and we're supposed to meet up with a few of her friends at a bar, but the line was too long when we got there, so we decided to go home.

Sunday morning she left my house really early, I offered to make her breakfast, but she said no and that she had to get going. She had to help set up for her nephew's birthday party later that day.

That at night I texted her to see how the party went. 6 hours later she responded. Monday, I texted her to ask a question, she didn't respond until Tuesday. Last night I asked how her day was, got a response a couple of hours later. I sent a second text and didn't receive a response until this morning. I asked her if she would be interested in going out to dinner this week, she said she couldn't, that she had dinner plans the next 2 nights and then was going away for the weekend (I only knew about her going away). So I said, ok, maybe sometime next week then. I still have not received a response from her. She has always been pretty quick with her responses, and would also initiate conversations with me. For some reason it all seems to be different starting that Sunday.

Does this his seem like she is slowly moving away from me? Or, am I just overthinking this?


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  • I think she is avoiding you too.

    • I agree. It just seems weird since she was the one who wanted to stay at my place, and she wanted to introduce me to her friends.

      I am fine if she doesn't want to be with me. But it would be nice, and respectful to say that she isn't into me any more, rather than just disappearing.

      She texted me back yesterday about when I asked her to hangout next week. Her response was just "yeah, I'll let you know what works when I get back next week"

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  • No, it sounds like this one is over, waiting for someone to turn out the lights. Was it your idea to not wait for her friends because the line was too long on Saturday night? That is the only clue about what may have happened. Sometimes, you never know; it just happens, it's over, and you don't get the courtesy of an explanation.

    • It was her idea not to wait in line at the bar. I was happy to go to the bar and meet her friends. I was also the one who got the concert tickets because I knew she liked the band that was playing. If she was mad about not going to the bar, she certainly didn't act it when we got home.

    • You will probably never know what it was. She will probably not be honest if you try to talk to her. Go figure!

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  • Think positive. She likes me. She wants to spend more time with me. She only wants to have sex with me. This relationship is gonna get better and better, and so on and so forth. If you think negative thoughts, you will drive yourself crazy, and most likely will never have a successful relationship with her.

  • Sound like she is fading you out mate get out the black book again

  • She's already fucking someone else. Just dump her.


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