I think I came on too strong. Please help?

Ok so me and this girl met online and have been talking for two months. We talked a couple weeks online before I got her number and the we talked everyday and got along great! So much in common. I asked her out and a few days before our date she would check to make sure we were still on for our date. We went out had a great time. I hugged her, we made lots of eye contact and we conversed back and forth each of us asking questions about the others family. I ended the date by hugging her and lightly kissing her on the lips. She texted me 20 minutes later to thank me for the lovely evening. Then we made plans for another date. One day I didn't hear from her (she was busy) and me being the idiot sent like 4 txts one telling her I liked her and hope we are ok. Then she texted me the next day saying she was busy and reminded me she's not looking for anything serious not a relationship. she said I seei seemed to get attached too quickly being more than friendly and that's why she told me all that. knew this from the dating site. Then she got busy and. A called our date as she had a busy July. Anyways I asked her out a week ago and she suggested that Friday and I said I couldnt because I'm broke. I said next we k and she questioned why I could next week but not Friday as pay days are usually Friday's and I told her because I get paid Tuesday. So clearly she has trust issues. She's never been in a relationship over three months, her ex's have hurt her and she's told me she falls too quickly in the past and that was her mistakes. Anyways we are going out today finally. I gave her space and backed off and got the 2nd date. That's a good sign right?


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  • its a good sign!


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