Should I have an open relationship?

So I have been dating this great guy for 2 months now and he is moving away for university for septemeber. He is not going to be back until the December break... then spring break again and possibly next summer. My question is that he kept mentioning we should see each other on those breaks but we have hardly had a long enough relationship for me to want to do long distance.

Is this a stupid idea? Should I just end things completely? He will be at this school for another 3 years so is it even worth it... but also I like him A LOT.


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  • better idea stick with just him and be loyal to just him other wise you may have a fight over you on your hands and it can only go down hill from there.

    • The thing is even if we are both loyal we are both going to be lonely... and who knows what happens then.

    • do what every one does if you were with each other sure no hugs suck but focus on eventually seeing each other again. work hard towards that goal. dont make plans until you can see each other again. say good morning and good night every day. do stuff together. one thing i did was read to each other on Skype i swear i probably woke up drooling on my key board so many times

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  • not a good idea.


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  • I've seen this situation play out multiple times; and the only time it worked out was when the lady eventually ended up at the same university.

    • I know ugh.. and I would never do long distance

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