Should I stick around?

This might be a little long so I apologize, but I'm currently struggling with this one guy. It all started 2 years ago when he sent me a message on myspace asking for my mail address. There has been naked pictures of me and horrendous rumors about my sexual escapades in the high school, so I thought ahead about his intentions. I was still in middle school and the boys in high school taking interest in me only led to two things - sex and goodbyes. But this guy was a little different from the others. He was the first guy to ever stop me from "doing my duties". And what I mean by that is performing sexual favors. He really saw me for who I am, and we spent wonderful times together just talking. Although our relationship came to an end when he could no longer put up with all his friends (+ all high schoolers) bashing on him for dating me.

I moved on and I started dating another guy over the summer. It was 7 months of long distance since we met at a camp, and lived in different countries. I thought I was in love with this guy but it was a shock when I found out my best friend hooked up with my ex. In fury I realized my feelings for him were still strong. So when my ex continued to flirt with me, I took a part in it. We hooked-up numerous amount of times until he started dating another girl. I stopped contacting him but he would continue to talk to me saying flirty things. Well, she cheated on him and he came back to me. We started dating again but I always knew he was deciding between me and her. He was always honest with me, and he admitted to not being able to choose between me and his ex. We broke it off yet again but we were far better than before. He was so sweet to me and took me out to an romantic birthday dinner and we had sex for the first time. We waited for two years, even when there were so many chances. Everything was going great until spring break hit. We went back to school but things were just different. I kept trying to make things go back the way they were, but it wasn't working out. He told me by me trying so hard, we were becoming more apart. He was so dedicated to me until he started hooking up with his ex again. I would act like I didn't care since he wasn't officially "mine", but we have always both admitted that we were always more than friends. At a house party recently he hooked up with his ex yet again and that was it for me. It was the end of the year and he was going off to college and I was moving. I was devastated that he was ending the year like this. I stopped talking to him but I would always catch him looking at me.

What should I do? Should I try talking to him? How do I act? I just don't want our two years to end like this.


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  • It is always difficult to make soiled a choice between two loves. However, try to enjoy and live life as it is; without applying force towards an effect to result in a relationship. This situation are one those that if is meant to be it will happen. Cheer!

  • I would contact him and try to resolve your differences, I think you're not likely to be a couple, but could still be good friends.


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